Thursday, August 4, 2011

Unicorns and rainbows

(image via here)

Last night we sent out a request to many of our friends in the party planning industry, for help with a special 6th birthday party we are putting together, for a very special little girl who is facing some serious health issues.

The birthday girl has chosen a theme of unicorns and rainbows, which seems fitting as it represents hope, joy, fun and filled with colour.

We have been absolutely overwhelmed (and thrilled) with how many of you have offered your assistance, your support and your prayers.

It is going to take us a few days to work through everything and get back to you all, but please know how grateful we are for everyone's offers.

It's going to be a truly fabulous party!


  1. Hey girls, if there is anything Leegirl Pretties can help out with please let me know :)

  2. As the mother of the beautiful almost 6 year old, I would like to sincerely thank Renee and Alex at The Inspired Occasion, and all the businesses who have offered to contribute in making Olivia's birthday party truly special. I am overwhelmed by the support and can't wait till the big day. She is one very excited girl! xxx


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