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Party Blog - Le Petit Prince

The Little Prince (French "Le Petit Prince") is a French classic children's novel first publish in 1943 written by a French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It is is a wonderful children's story about a man who meets an amazing boy and relearns what it means to be a child.

This blog post has a number of images from a party we created and event managed late last year.  Le Petit Prince themed party was created for a client's son's 1st birthday.

Our Client wanted a unique theme to celebrate her son's first birthday and loved the french book Le Petit Prince so the challenge was set for us to research and create something unique. As we started to research the novel we soon came across various aspects of the book we could make reference to on our dessert station, the fennec fox, the stars, the planets, red roses etc.

There were 50 guests in attendance and we started by designing an invitation to set the scene for the party, They looked so unique and were a perfect way to invite the guests!

For the party, we added in lots of elements from the book such as stars, fresh red roses, figurines and lanterns to represent space.

Starting with a colour palate of blue, yellow and hints of red we created a dessert station enjoyed by all. The stationery was designed by The Inspired Occasion and our all baked dessert items where created in-house to incorporate the colours and theme. Items on the dessert station included cupcakes with the red rose and stars as toppers, sugar cookies in the shape of stars dusted in edible glitter, cake pops and jelly cups all appreciated by the big and small guests.

There was also a themed chocolate mud cake cake which stood centre on the table with a handmade sugar figurine of the character himself and was a big talking point of the table. A selection of colour coordinated candy also added to the theme of the table.

We created the space feel by adding a backdrop with stars and hanging blue and yellow lanterns. We also incorporated some of the clients items into the table including the fox and various figurines. Red roses doted on the table another way to transform this table.

The Loot Bags, designed by The Iinspired Occasion where filled by the client who had two option for both the younger and older children. With each child receiving a bag filled with candy along with other items such as crayons and themed colouring pad, lego, bubbles and a balloons.
Designed by The Inspired Occasion

To top the party off we organised for a French themed entertainer to host the children with an array of activities, games, face painting, glitter tattoos, music and dance.

Hope you have enjoyed the photos from our Little Prince Party and looking forward to sharing more of our party highlights soon.

We were also lucky enough to have this party featured over at Les Enfants party blog:

The Inspired Occasion

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