Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Inspired Occasion - Inside our Kitchen

Have you ever wonder where your edible items are created, well this blog gives you some insight into the "The Inspired Occasion" kitchen.  

The process of being fully registered and certified as a food premises can be complex with us needing to tick the correct box's. From separate pantry and fridge to dual sinks, dishwashers, food record system and cleanliness. 

Our Kitchen is always in spotless condition with all our food items recorded and stored for in appropriate conditions.

The Inspired Occasion renews their kitchen registration yearly and maintains all food receipts and records along with maintaining qualifications in food preparation, handling and storage.

As a Mother and Daughter team who ran a family cake and coffee shop in the Eastern Suburbs and then going  on to study Hospitality and Hotel Management we are always keen to add to our study portfolio, with many courses in cake decorating, cup cake decorating and baking. Having come runners up in the My Kitchen Rules auditions for Melbourne we make quite a team.

This little domestic kitchen has been known to pump out hundreds of macarons in a week along with many cupcakes and cake pops. So next time you order some edibles from us you can be reassured that they have come from a clean, registered and maintained kitchen using only the finest ingredients.

The Inspired Occasion

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lemon,Sage and White Baby Shower - Post 2 Food

Continuing on from Sundays blog on the Lemon, Sage Green and White baby shower, the below post takes a closer look at the delicious edible items The Inspired Occasion provided. 
With a sweet street menu of:
  • Cakes Pops
  • Mint Macarons
  • Vanilla Cup Cakes
  • Vanilla Bean Pana Cotta
  • Assorted Jars of Candy
  • Melting Moments as take home favours

    The celebration cake was a rich moist Red Velvet with layers of cream cheese frosting in the centre, decorated in our most popular rosette style buttercream.

    All the guest took home a personalised and decorated melting moment.

    With a candy selection of that included green and yellow jelly beans, white chocolate dipped raspberries, yellow bonbons, hard lemon rock candy, green smarties and white chocolate. There was a selection for every type of sweet tooth.

    We hope you have enjoyed our Baby Shower and we look forward to bring you some exciting new party features over the coming weeks, including Lego, Disney Princess, Alice in wonderland inspired kitchen Tea, Giggle and Hoot, and a public event with Time Out Melbourne.

    The Inspired Occasion

    Sunday, February 19, 2012

    Lemon,Sage and White Baby Shower - Post 1 Themeing

    As featured on the The Little Big Company blog last week The Inspired Occasion had the pleasure of event managing a baby shower for a beautiful mum to be. The planning process started late last year when we meet with the client in her beautiful home. Already having decided to host the function at home we started with an initial consultation which involved the mother to be, her best friend and mother-in-law. 

    With approximately 30 guests we decided to utilise the beautiful alfresco area and added a white marque for the dessert and beverage station. The client wanted seating for her guests so we organised for tables, chairs, chair covers with sashes all complimenting the colour pallet chosen.

    With the client not knowing what sex the baby was, she opted for a neutral plate of Lemon, Sage Green and White. Once we started the conversation rolling we decided to incorporate the bird cage as additional themeing.

    Our style team started to sketch and design the backdrop for the table, we created a unique backdrop using a curtain type effect. We added green foliage into the birdcages to dress the cages and made over size pompoms and hung them in the out door area which gave added thumbing to the deck area.

    We also designed the printables which included the menu board on the dessert station, toppers on the take home melting moments  along with words of advise cards and other games signage on the games table. The Games table was also dressing in matching linen with bird cages again incorporated.

    Our gift to the expectant mum was a nappy cake, this also doubles as a centre piece on our beverage station, and this is an item that will be incorporated in most of our baby shower functions.  We also provided all glass wear which included champagne and soft drinks glasses along with our milk bottles and  wax papered straws. The drink dispensers where filled with homemade lemonade and the guests enjoyed drinking out of the milk bottles.

    All styling, event mangament logistics, baked items including cake was provided by The Inspired Occasion.

    Come back and visit our blog on Tuesday evening for part 2 - The details on the Edible items

    The Inspired Occasion

    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    Themed Sugar Cookies

    We are loving all the requests we are getting to design themed sugar cookies. The endless creativity with these items make them a regular on our dessert stations. We can create flowers, farm animals, boats, tiara the list is endless and we are enjoying using different mediums to decorative from coloured fondant to royal icing techniques and stencilling.

    The sugar cookie is often presented on our dessert stations as a take home treat, presented in a clear bag with a personalised topper. They are also becoming more popular as a school birthday treat.

    Our most popular and talked about sugar cookie would be the Very Hungry Caterpillar designs you can view the other edible and themed items for this baby shower at Very Hungry Caterpillar blog post.

    Below is a collage of some of our customised cookies!!

    Don't forget we can customise all our baked items to include gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free. So please contact us if you have any allergy requirements.

    Please email for a copy of our edible items menu, with updated items such as jelly slice you will be amazed at what a few decorated sweet treats can do for your dessert stations.

    The Inspired Occasion

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Happy Valentines Day!! - Elegant Queen Anne Dresser

    A little Valentine day dresser we threw together in collaboration with Surreal Creations.

    Hope you are all having a wonderful Valentines Day and wouldn't it be lovely to come home to something like this?

    With an assortment of petite sweets by The Inspired Occasion:

    • CakePops
    • Chocolate Macarons
    • Heart Sugar Cookies
    • Mini Vanilla Cupcakes
    • Heart Shaped Jelly Slice
    • Assorted Chocolate
    • Sparkling Shiraz

    Stationary Items designed and created by  Surreal Creations - Photo Frame and Heart Chandelier

    This elegant dessert station is styled on a Queen Anne dresser using props such as a jewellery box, miniature cake stands, candles, glass wear, decorative heart plate and of course a single red rose.

     Happy Valentine Day Everybody!!

    The Inspired Occasion

    Monday, February 13, 2012

    A Dorothy the Dinosaur Tea Party - Part 2 Edible Creations

    With a menu that needed to satisfy both the young and young at heart the client opted for the below speciality items
    • Decorative Cupcakes
    • Decorative Melting Moments
    • Macarons
    • Cake Pops
    With the client providing a few additional treats such as jelly slice, honey joys, ticktock biscuits and chocolate ball. All together this gave the guests amply sweet treats to choose.

    The Inspired Occasion created some eye catching themed baked items to meet the clients brief.

    The Cupcake are a moist vanilla base with two varieties of butter cream icing traditional vanilla and mild raspberry. The piping details on the cupcakes where a real highlight to the dessert station and added to the tea party feel. 

    The Inspired Occasion used pink and blue floral on the Melting moments to compliment the colour pallet. 

    The edible items introduce the splashes of pink and blue to the table. As well as adding a vast selection of candy jars filled with candy.

    The Macarons which are our most popular edible item where a hit with the adults as too where the Cake Pops both of which an indulgent sweet treat.

    And of course the show stopper on the table was the wonderfully crafted cake from Baking Passion which complimented the table themeing, stationary and food items perfectly.


    The Inspired Occasion

    Sunday, February 12, 2012

    A Dorothy the Dinosaur Tea Party - Part 1 Themeing

    As featured on Les Enfants this week. The Inspired Occasion had the pleasure of styling and supplying baked item for a stylish Dorothy the Dinosaur tea party for a special little girls 3rd birthday party. With the colour pallet of yellow and green with splashes of pink and blue the designing began.

    The client provided us with the invitation created by Surreal Creations who also provided the stationary items for the dessert station which included the bunting, menu cards and loot bags all of which worked well with the theme.

    We choose crisp white table clothes with lemon table runners and used sage green risers for both the dessert and drinks station. 

    Various risers where used on the table including cupcake stand, cake stand, various box's and cakepop tins to give the dessert station levels of interest. Along with a variety of decorative jars filled with candy adding to the overall feel of the dessert station. With table utensils wrapped in matching ribbon trimming. 

    Pre Event Set-up by The Inspired Occasion

    The Inspired Occasion arrived onsite the day before to commence the set up, so all that was needed the morning of the party was for us to plate up our melting moments, cake pops, macarons and cupcakes (to be featured in Part 2). Along with hanging some yellow lantern on the deck.

    The miniature drink bottles again a huge hit with the children who enjoyed the novelty of filling them with Rosy Tea (Cordial) the vintage colour coordinated straws again adding to the overall theming.

    Drink Dispensers/Bottles and straws supplied by The Inspired Occasion


    The Inspired Occasion is excited to bring to you part two of this Dorothy the Dinosaur Tea Party tomorrow night with the details on the themed baked items!!

    The Inspired Occasion
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