Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rainbows and Unicorns - Thank you everyone, thank you

"Thank you everyone, thank you." - Olivia Jones aged 6

These are the words spoken by a tiny little scrap of a girl, in the quiet lull just after blowing out the candles on her birthday cake. And we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Today is Liv's 'real' 6th birthday and while we partied with her on Sunday, it seems fitting to be sharing the photos with you all today. We have kept you updated with the special party for Liv over the past few weeks (with posts herehere and here) and we very excited to let you all know how well it all went...

{Fabric bunting by Giggleberry Creations}
{Dessert table styling and all Edible items by The Inspired Occasion}

Of course - as always we have taken too many photos - but with around 30 businesses (!!!) involved in putting this magical party together, we finally have an excuse!! Tonight we will share some of the fabulous images taken by the delightful Genevieve from 'From Genevieve' who was our lovely photographer on the day.

You will find all the vendor details scattered throughout the post - but please don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for more information on anything at all.

{Lolly pops from Candy Soirees}

{Rainbow cake pops from The Inspired Occasion}

{Our rainbow of lanterns and starbursts from Moonlight & Whimsy and {P} for Party}

{Printables from Birds Party}

{Treat bags from Emerald+Ella, Decorative circles from Birds Party}

{'Eugenie' the Unicorn piƱata from Hey Bambini}

{Treat boxes from Candy Soirees - more details on what the lucky kids received inside will be up tomorrow night}

{Single coloured chocolate beans from Sharnel Dollar Designs}

{Ribbon wands from Pinwheels & Pearls}

{The gorgeous birthday girl wearing her new rainbow fairy outfit donated by Easy Peasy Kids, layered over her new outfit from Mini Style - which she is wearing in the top photo}

{Cups and Plates by Sambellina, donated kindly by Petite Atelier)

{Rainbow balloon topiaries from Velvet Lily Florist}

A table full of happy kids all enjoying their party food - what more could you ask for?

All of these vendors deserve a huge thanks from us - we were so lucky to have the opportunity to work with all of these lovely products and we can't thank you enough.

We do have more (!) vendors to share with you tomorrow... entertainers, all those kind people who donated items for the loot bags... so make sure you check back then.

In the mean time - please join us in wishing Olivia a very happy birthday!

The Inspired Occasion

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspired By - Sweets in duck egg blue

We love it when our customers share with us what they do with our Edibles after we deliver them, and Linda has excelled with this dessert table.

Put together in celebration of her daughter Elisabeth's birthday, Linda based the table around a Robert Gordon pattern featuring a duck egg blue colour palate, with touches of pink.

We supplied the cupcakes, cake pops and macarons, while Linda made the gorgeous cake herself! We love the use of the fresh flowers on the cake, the bird cage and all the little details that make this such a pretty table.

What a gorgeous little princess! Thanks for letting us share this Linda and well done again on such a delightful table.

If you would like to order some Edibles for your next event, you can email us here.

The Inspired Occasion

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Count down to Rainbows

This Sunday we will be creating a pretty magical birthday party, filled with rainbows and unicorns for a very special little girl (you can read about this party over here). This week we have been keeping the postman very busy with all the donations being delivered and the email and phones are running hot locking in all the last minute details.

We will give you a full list of these very kind people who have donated goods, or in some cases their time and expertise, after the event - so we can show you lots of photos of it all in action. In the mean time, and you know who you are, we extend our big heartfelt thank you to you all.

And if that's not enough, we know the birthday girl herself is very excited and can't wait for her special day!

The Inspired Occasion

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alice in Wonderland... the candy!

Earlier this week we shared the first of the photos from our Alice in Wonderland party we created for a lovely little client's 8th birthday (in case you missed it - you can catch up here). As promised, we are back with the rest of the photos for you to enjoy!

The cake on the table really was a work of art and was the perfect addition to the dessert table. The clients loved it so much they actually didn't even cut it for fear of ruining it!

The dessert table was set up in the most darling bay window, which provided us with the perfect back drop to hang lanterns (from Moonlight and Whimsy) and pom poms. It featured yummy treats such as sugar swizzle sticks, blue clouds, bon bons, lolly pops and jelly beans.

A small drinks station was also on hand for the girls to use. They loved the opportunity to fill their own little glass milk bottles (available here on our shop) with pink lemonade and use the paper party straws (also available on our shop).

All the girls received a personalised chocolate bar to take home with them - they were a huge hit!

The mantle piece was decorated with a lovely display of flowers in tea cups and tea pots, all from the girls at Velvet Lily Florist. They are just so clever!

These gorgeous little bags from Sambellina (supplied by {P} for Party) proved the perfect treat bag for the kids to fill with candy!

We also arranged a number of activities on the day for the kids including; a fabulous party host who came as the Queen of Hearts and did a wonderful job hosting the tea party in a most royal fashion, a jumping castle, a game of croquet and a beading activity.

The beading activity was hosted by the lovely Gloria from Coco & Chloe. She custom ordered in the little Alice charms and took the girls through the activity. They all loved taking home such a special necklace at the end of the party!

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments on this party - we had a great time creating such a fun event for such a lovely birthday girl!

The Inspired Occasion

Monday, August 22, 2011

Adventures in Wonderland

A couple of weeks ago we shared some Alice in Wonderland invitations we prepared for a client's upcoming 8th birthday party. Well, the party has been and gone and we have been waiting excitedly to share it with you all - so you can imagine our delight when it was featured on Amy Atlas on Saturday morning!

You can check out the feature on Amy Atlas here.

If you have been reading our blog for a while, you will know that we always end up with too many photos! So again, we will split them over two posts. We also had some really fabulous suppliers who provided us with their gorgeous products for the party - we will share all the details at the bottom of each post.

The client chose a quite sophisticated colour palate, with baby pinks, pale blue and lemon highlights. A long central table filled with all sorts of delicious treats including cupcakes, 'eat me' sugar cookies, candy apples, french macarons, melting moments, cake pops and a selection of little tarts, took pride of place in the room. Completed with fresh flowers, vintage tea cups and quirky touches such as clocks and framed quotes it created such a fabulous feel for the event.

Enjoy the photos - can't wait to share the rest with you tomorrow night!

Flowers from Velvet Lily Florist in Malvern East
Lanterns from Moonlight & Whimsy
Pink doilies and small paper vintage plates from {P} is for Party
Tea cups, tea pots, frames, cake stands, clocks and props sourced by The Inspired Occasion


Monday, August 15, 2011

Making goodness happen

A week or so ago we posted a slightly cryptic post thanking people for their kindness - you can catch up here if you missed it. We weren't trying to be cryptic (we promise!), we were just totally overwhelmed with a call out we made the night before and it's taken us a week to work through it all!

At the end of this month, a very special little girl, Olivia will be turning 6.

Earlier this year, after a long torturous road of misdiagnosis and various illnesses, multiple tumours were discovered in Olivia's spine and brain. She then spent almost two months in hospital, courageously enduring chemo, multiple operations, baby steps forward, set backs and then more steps forward. During all this, at no point did she complain and her family's strength has been an amazing inspiration to us.

Liv is now home with her family, but still faces another 10 months of chemo treatments, MRI's, daily physio and OT. She battles many neurological and developmental issues, with her family watching for any and every change each day.

So, where do we come in? Well, Olivia is a play mate of Renee's daughter, Gracie. We knew Olivia's birthday was coming up and offered to help make her party a little special - after everything she has gone through this year, we both felt it was the least we could do - as mothers and as party planners.

We put out a call to some of our fabulous talented party people to ask if they were able to help us out to create something magical. We really didn't expect to hear back from many people (we know people are busy and a lot of people have their own charities they support etc.), but we have been completely overwhelmed with the response we have had.

This amazing response has been so generous, so heartfelt, so warm and so compassionate. It has warmed our hearts and bought tears of joy to Liv's parents. And most importantly, we have a little girl who is so excited about her party, smiling and counting down the days!

Our genuine thanks to everyone who has offered to help or even just sent through a lovely email of support. We will be sure to share each and every one of you with our readers (it's the least we can do!) over the coming weeks and of course, photos of this fabulous party at the end of the month.

Thank you.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Market happy

We just wanted to share a quick few photos from our visit to Fairy Floss Markets in Bulleen today. Please excuse the quality - they are all iPhone shots...

Despite having been part of the Fairy Floss 'family' for a while now, this was our first outing as stall holders to Bulleen and we had such a great day.

Not only was it busy (always good for a stall holder), but the 'vibe' in the room was positively sunny - must have been all the lovely sunshine streaming in through the windows!

We sold out of many of our products, so will spend this week re-stocking and preparing for our very first outing to Mathilda's Market in Hawthorn next Sunday (oh, in between our events this week!).

Don't forget, we will be taking pre-orders for collection at Mathilda's, including items from our shop and of course, our delicious French Macarons. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for updates during the week to see what flavours we will have to share!

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