Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rainbows and Unicorns - Thank you everyone, thank you

"Thank you everyone, thank you." - Olivia Jones aged 6

These are the words spoken by a tiny little scrap of a girl, in the quiet lull just after blowing out the candles on her birthday cake. And we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Today is Liv's 'real' 6th birthday and while we partied with her on Sunday, it seems fitting to be sharing the photos with you all today. We have kept you updated with the special party for Liv over the past few weeks (with posts herehere and here) and we very excited to let you all know how well it all went...

{Fabric bunting by Giggleberry Creations}
{Dessert table styling and all Edible items by The Inspired Occasion}

Of course - as always we have taken too many photos - but with around 30 businesses (!!!) involved in putting this magical party together, we finally have an excuse!! Tonight we will share some of the fabulous images taken by the delightful Genevieve from 'From Genevieve' who was our lovely photographer on the day.

You will find all the vendor details scattered throughout the post - but please don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for more information on anything at all.

{Lolly pops from Candy Soirees}

{Rainbow cake pops from The Inspired Occasion}

{Our rainbow of lanterns and starbursts from Moonlight & Whimsy and {P} for Party}

{Printables from Birds Party}

{Treat bags from Emerald+Ella, Decorative circles from Birds Party}

{'Eugenie' the Unicorn piƱata from Hey Bambini}

{Treat boxes from Candy Soirees - more details on what the lucky kids received inside will be up tomorrow night}

{Single coloured chocolate beans from Sharnel Dollar Designs}

{Ribbon wands from Pinwheels & Pearls}

{The gorgeous birthday girl wearing her new rainbow fairy outfit donated by Easy Peasy Kids, layered over her new outfit from Mini Style - which she is wearing in the top photo}

{Cups and Plates by Sambellina, donated kindly by Petite Atelier)

{Rainbow balloon topiaries from Velvet Lily Florist}

A table full of happy kids all enjoying their party food - what more could you ask for?

All of these vendors deserve a huge thanks from us - we were so lucky to have the opportunity to work with all of these lovely products and we can't thank you enough.

We do have more (!) vendors to share with you tomorrow... entertainers, all those kind people who donated items for the loot bags... so make sure you check back then.

In the mean time - please join us in wishing Olivia a very happy birthday!

The Inspired Occasion


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