Thursday, March 22, 2012

Disney Princess - Cinderella, Beauty and Ariel

On a wet rainy day in Melbourne this was a WOW dessert station that put a smile on everyone face. With a big challenge to incorporate three popular disney princess onto one table. The clients brief was to incorporate Cinderella, Ariel and Beauty with colour requests of Red, Yellow and Blue.

The dessert station backdrop would be our most challenging creation to date. With venue restriction we were unable to hang or stick to walls and everyone knows how much we rely on double sided tape, hooks, pins and fishing line!!

The backdrop was a crafted masterpiece complete with crown, draped fabric and stencils. With the use of paints, glitters, hot glue guns, pins and other crafty items being required.

The dessert station themed baked items include:
  • Cupcakes themed with toppers
  • Sugar biscuit in shoes and tiara
  • Jelly cups in red with glitter
  • Cakepops in blue with shimmering glitter

We decided that the best way to tackle this was to have three separate elements representing the princesses. 

We used a colour cordinated cushion and shoe to present our oreo cake pops on. 

We created an Ariel setting complete with sand, starfish creations and props. We then placed our jelly cups around. An effective way we thought to represent Ariel and the colour red.

This section of the dessert station was the most fun, replicating the main charters. Using ceramic paint it is amazing what you can turn to life. The teapot and teacup coming to life along with our candle stick. With the sugar biscuits presented around the props.

All themeing, styling, edibles and crafted items provided by The Inspired Occasion.

This party was also featured over at Lily Chic Events this week. We are very excited to be doing another princess party this week, Cinderella...

The Inspired Occasion

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  1. Colorful and artistic designs. These will bring more fun for children who are very curious at their age and loves to play role games, balloons and plush toys.


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