Monday, August 15, 2011

Making goodness happen

A week or so ago we posted a slightly cryptic post thanking people for their kindness - you can catch up here if you missed it. We weren't trying to be cryptic (we promise!), we were just totally overwhelmed with a call out we made the night before and it's taken us a week to work through it all!

At the end of this month, a very special little girl, Olivia will be turning 6.

Earlier this year, after a long torturous road of misdiagnosis and various illnesses, multiple tumours were discovered in Olivia's spine and brain. She then spent almost two months in hospital, courageously enduring chemo, multiple operations, baby steps forward, set backs and then more steps forward. During all this, at no point did she complain and her family's strength has been an amazing inspiration to us.

Liv is now home with her family, but still faces another 10 months of chemo treatments, MRI's, daily physio and OT. She battles many neurological and developmental issues, with her family watching for any and every change each day.

So, where do we come in? Well, Olivia is a play mate of Renee's daughter, Gracie. We knew Olivia's birthday was coming up and offered to help make her party a little special - after everything she has gone through this year, we both felt it was the least we could do - as mothers and as party planners.

We put out a call to some of our fabulous talented party people to ask if they were able to help us out to create something magical. We really didn't expect to hear back from many people (we know people are busy and a lot of people have their own charities they support etc.), but we have been completely overwhelmed with the response we have had.

This amazing response has been so generous, so heartfelt, so warm and so compassionate. It has warmed our hearts and bought tears of joy to Liv's parents. And most importantly, we have a little girl who is so excited about her party, smiling and counting down the days!

Our genuine thanks to everyone who has offered to help or even just sent through a lovely email of support. We will be sure to share each and every one of you with our readers (it's the least we can do!) over the coming weeks and of course, photos of this fabulous party at the end of the month.

Thank you.

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  1. I'm Olivia's mum and I want to thank everyone who is involved. You and your businesses are amazing and we can't wait to see this fabulous party come to life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxx


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