Sunday, September 30, 2012

Contributor to "Carnival of Fun" - Bubbabows

Jane from Bubbabows is contributing clips and love stuff heart as party favours to add to the loot bags for the Carnival of Fun

Bubbabows offer handmade accessories for your special little princess and even adults too.

we also offer custom order for your special events like wedding, birthday, or parties.

 Bubbabows offer a high quality handmade products but for a cheaper price than other boutique store. Every accessories is made with love and I make sure that every detail will satisfy my standard ( which is very high)

To order please email me to


The Inspired Occasion

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Contributor to 'Carnival of Fun' - Jitterbugs

The Carnival of Fun for the Ronald McDonald House is going to be a day filled with lots of exciting activities and entertainment. Today we take the opportunity to thank Kylie from Jitterbugs for contributing entertainment for the children who will be attending. Jitterbugs is the preferred children's entertainment company of The Inspired Occasion and we are looking forward to working together on such worthwhile cause. 


Jitterbugs Dance Parties evolved through the pure love of dance and the joy and fun it can bring to all children. Kylie Cubbon, the original Jitterbug, has over 20 years dance experience and is a qualified dance teacher. Kylie has taught dance at various levels within a number of dance schools, as well as school holiday programs, childcare centres, and co-ordinated movement and dance in a Camp America program. Along with Jitterbugs Dance Parties and Music & Movement, Kylie is also teaching jazz and tap dancing at the Michelle Rae School of Dance.

All Jitterbugs Party hosts have experience and a passion for dance, children, entertainment and FUN! Your Jitterbugs Dance Party host will ensure every JitterbugsDance Party is packed with fun, games, glamour and dancing for all party groovers to enjoy.

Jitterbugs can provide quality entertainment for all your celebration needs – Birthdays, Christenings, Break-Up Parties, School Holiday Programs, Fetes, whatever the event may be, we are happy to accommodate your requirements and are flexible in the party/entertainment format.

The Inspired Occasion

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Contributor to 'Carnival of Fun' - Pettiskirt Princess

Vasso from Pettiskirt has very kindly designed a few of her beautiful Pettiskirt as Door Prizes for the "Carnival of Fun". We are sure that a few very special little girls will love these skirts!!

Pettiskirt Princess

  Pettiskirt Princess is an Australian owned site, run by a WAHM selling adorable, beautiful pettiskirts and petti tops at an affordable price.

   "I wish to be able to provide adorable skirts at an affordable price so that every little girl can twirl in her very own pettiskirt!"

The Inspired Occasion

Monday, September 24, 2012

Contributor to 'Carnival of fun' - Bronnie Bakes

Today we are featuring one of many creative business that are contributing to the "Carnival of Fun". Bronnie Bakes will be designing "Carnival" themed cupcake for the dessert station. The Inspired Occasion and Little Big Company are looking forward to seeing her creations!!

Bronnie Bakes

I've been a stay at home mum since 2006 and started blogging in 2011 as a way to do something for myself and to teach my children (3 girls aged 3, 4 & 5) about baking from scratch . I wanted to document my baking adventures with my children and also to blog tutorials so that other aspiring decorators could learn to make their own creations.

The blog has grown rapidly over the last year and gets over 15,000 visitors per month

The Inspired Occasion

Friday, September 21, 2012

Contributor to "Carnival of Fun" - Petite Cookies

The Carnival of Fun has a variety of sweet treats that have been donated. The Inspired Occasion and Little Big Company are looking forward to styling the many Carnival Themed Cakes, Cupcakes, Cakepops, Chocolate Brownies, Sugar Biscuits, Cookies, Macarons and Slices.
Tonight we feature Petite Cookies:  

The Inspired Occasion

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Branding your Business with Custom Designed Edibles

Just a few ways you can brand your business or event with edible

Our customised cupcakes, macarons, sugar biscuits and cake-pops have been used for a variety of business reasons. Thank gifts, morning and afternoon teas and product placement at various markets and stalls!!

The Inspired Occasion

Monday, September 17, 2012

Contributor to "Carnival of Fun" - ZZ Totz

Our Loot bags for the Carnival of Fun are growing in size with lots of donated candy, toys and novelty items. Holly from ZZ Totz has kindly offered to contribute fun puppet packs for the children as well as teaming together with Park Eden to run a badge making activity on the day. 

A little more on ZZ Totz 
"Yep kids can still have lots o’fun with some paper, glue and a little imagination.
ZZ Totz was created so kids can create something for themselves that is hands on and ultimately fun. No bells, no whistles and definitely no batteries!

As someone that grew up in a creative environment I take it for granted that I can quickly whip up an ‘arty farty’ (as my friends call them) activity for my kids and so the questions started “how can I bring my creativeness to other kids and in what format?”

After many trial and errors I arrived at our adored characters. Much love has gone into the ‘research’ for our characters whilst reading my kids their bedtime stories, watching cartoons with them or chatting with friends as to what their kids are into.
Much to my kids, Zoe and Zac’s, delight they test run each and every design to make sure it is ‘kid friendly’. If not, the design is changed, so I can confidently say our kits are appropriate for kids aged 3+.

I love what I do and enjoy sharing my puppets with others, whether this is through the website, over the phone or face to face at a market stall and would love to share them with you.

The Inspired Occasion

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Simple Corporate Luncheon with Personalised Cupcakes

Featuring a Dessert Menu of

Mini Dark Chocolate Tarts
Colour Coordinated White Chocolate Macarons
Vanilla Butter-cream Cupcakes
Colour Coordinated Cake Pops

With all staff receiving a Cupcake Box with customised thank-you tag, filled with two Company Branded Vanilla Cupcakes!!

The Inspired Occasion

Monday, September 10, 2012

Contributor to "Carnival of Fun" - Beth Jennings Photography

Excited to Introduce Beth Jennings Photography tonight, A great photographer with an amazing gift to tell the story, and for an event such as The Ronald McDonald "Carnival of Fun" we couldn't think of a better person for the Job.

In Beth's words:

‘Why become a professional photographer? Everyone has a digital camera these days, don't they?

The world is a magical place. It just is, wouldn't you agree? I see magic going on all around me, all of the time. There’s magic in creating a new life and watching it grow, talk, and (eventually) talk back. There’s magic in having an idea one day and seeing it grow into a successful business. There's magic in going into a dark room and being transported by the actors, lighting, music on stage. Humans never cease to amaze me in their capacity to create magic. Photography allows the magic to last forever in a simple I love telling stories about the magic.

I love exploring and discovering. I’ve lived in the UK, France, Germany…extended stays in the US and South Africa, I speak French, I love Melbourne and I get my European fix every year with three months in Berlin. I love unwrapping the layers and capturing what’s really going on.

The common thread is the human story. Who are you? Where do you come from? What do you do? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Maybe I can tell your story sometime.’

The family story featured here was captured in the loving home of Laura and Alex with their two beautiful boys Timothy and Rupert. Alex and Laura were captivated by their collection and enjoy their story book and family artworks every day.

Beth Jennings Photography

Photographer and Storyteller
Family / Brand / Performance / Events / Workshops

BA (Commercial Art Photography) Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University
Associate Australian Institute of Professional Photography

The Inspired Occasion

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