Sunday, August 14, 2011

Market happy

We just wanted to share a quick few photos from our visit to Fairy Floss Markets in Bulleen today. Please excuse the quality - they are all iPhone shots...

Despite having been part of the Fairy Floss 'family' for a while now, this was our first outing as stall holders to Bulleen and we had such a great day.

Not only was it busy (always good for a stall holder), but the 'vibe' in the room was positively sunny - must have been all the lovely sunshine streaming in through the windows!

We sold out of many of our products, so will spend this week re-stocking and preparing for our very first outing to Mathilda's Market in Hawthorn next Sunday (oh, in between our events this week!).

Don't forget, we will be taking pre-orders for collection at Mathilda's, including items from our shop and of course, our delicious French Macarons. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for updates during the week to see what flavours we will have to share!


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  1. looks totally gorgeous as always!! well done girls xx


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