Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flutter on over....

This weekend we had the joy of helping a beautiful little girl celebrate her 5th birthday party. The brief from the birthday girl was purple, pink (but not flowery) and lots and lots of butterflies...
Tissue paper pom pom chandelier

We had 12 guests and we chose to do an afternoon tea with the girls. We included games, craft and face painting... if the smiles and giggles were anything to go by, a good time was had by all.

Despite having to move locations from the picturesque front yard, under a large tree, to the (enormous) back deck at the last minute, due to the crazy Melbourne weather, we are still really pleased with how it all turned out.

Over the next few days we will share some more of the details and of course, more photo's... but tonight enjoy a few of our favourites!

The table

Tiny butterfly bubbles for each guest to add to their tote bags
Strawberries and Jelly cubes... a big hit!
Lollies, lollies and more lollies!
The craft activity table
The kids table... complete with fabulous butterfly tree and butterfly antennas for each guest... One of my favourite parts of the day was just before the guests arrived and a REAL butterfly landed on the table... we grabbed for the camera but just missed it.. must have been a sign though. 
A thank you....
The butterfly flutter space
Tomorrow night, Alex will take you through the menu (including the amazingly delicious butterfly cake) and then later in the week, I will do a how-to on making the butterfly antenna's for your own little butterflies...

Big thank you's to our fabulous suppliers;
Candy Soirees - for all the colour coded smarties and the super cute tote boxes
Maggie Made - for the beautiful butterfly tree (look out for this tree, we are using it again in a couple of weeks at another party)
Sweet Little Birdy - for the gorgeous jelly and strawberry cups

Hope you enjoyed - we sure did!


  1. Ohhhh Renee and the theme and the detail and off course the tote boxes and the work...well worth the wait xx

  2. Pretty! The girls must have been in butterfly heaven. I recently had a go at decorating a table for my sons party...will be posting it this week if you want to pop over and check out an amateur effort :)

  3. Thanks for dropping by Bron! Would love to see your efforts - make sure you let us know when it's up!

  4. Gorgeous!! Any little girl would remember this day forever!!

  5. Thanks Amy! Only thing missing was some of your bunting! Have that sorted for the next one though :)


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