Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Euro Style - To scarf or not to scarf?

One of the most vexing questions as a parent, surely (?), is how, if at all to best accessorise your child. As the weather gets colder here adults throw on layers of clothing to keep our extremities warm. Hats, scarves and gloves are plentiful in the stores and are increasingly spotted in all of their stylish manifestations on the streets.

Yet despite this explosion of adult accessories, child sized equivalents are rarely seen. Instead, parents here prefer to put the very young in snowsuits which make them look like tiny versions of the Michelin Man swaddled in a pram with just a tiny red nose peeking out.
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It seems that there is one reason for this - kids will do just about anything to get themselves out of clothing, no matter how attractive it is. And despite the chilling wind (just 4 degrees celcius here today), Danish toddlers are no exception.

On the other side of the world, as you enter the warmer weather, parents are no doubt preparing for battle in the war to keep sun hats on tiny heads, sandals on tiny feet and sun shirts on tiny tummies. Stylish as many of these items are the temptation must be strong to just keep the kids in the shade...

All this is not for want of trying by canny kids designers who have created some beautiful accessories for both summer and winter. Danish brand Wheat (supported by no other than Crown Princess Mary) has some delicious creations which are enough to make me jealous. You must check out the groovy waist-coats in both the summer and winter collections. The scarves tap into the well worn adult layering trend.

Similarly Danish brand Escentia uses pure Alpaca wool (luxurious) to create soft cuddly items, which with a bit of luck your child will want to keep on. Mittens, mittens, mittens - but could you keep them on little fingers?

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