Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Euro Style - Perambulation

In my first contribution to the Inspired Occasion I discussion getting the kids around using bikes, now it's time to talk prams...

Choosing a pram for your bundle of joy seems to be as much about style these days as it is about safety, comfort and maneuverability. Where once prams were simply a way to get your children from A to B without breaking your back, they're now more like a large handbag on wheels...
As with handbags some women will opt for sheer practicality when choosing a pram and end up with the pram equivalent of a hessian sack. Some will opt for sheer style perfection- as the women in London do with the extremely popular Maclaren prams (in a variety of colours, but always, always the same shape).  

It's lovely to look at, but not terribly practical in rough terrain or bad weather conditions and it doesn't have much in the way of storage. It is the Louise Vuitton luggage collection of prams, if you will.

The Danes, on the other hand, prefer a more classic model. More akin to something that I would refer to as a baby carriage rather than a pram, the prams wheeled around by the mothers of Copenhagen are once again a stylish twist on an old favourite. Make no mistake - these prams are large and sturdy. But not large and sturdy like a tuck shop lady's arms, more like an environmentally friendly BMW 4WD.

Danish brand, Trille (pictured above) makes a number of models frequently sighted in my neighbourhood- complete with snowsuit wearing babies inside. They keep baby warm as toast in winter and guarantee shade in summer. 

Plus, the storage room is incomparable with any lower riding model. The downside of this extra room is that they can be quite difficult to maneuver around the supermarket, but with style oozing from  every spoke of your pram, no doubt the crowds will simply part for you...!

And what do you do when baby gets to big for the pram? Why you make them ride a bike of course! 


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