Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday lunch traditions

A Sunday roast is somewhat of a family tradition for us. Some weeks its a chicken shoved in the oven and veggies thrown together at the last moment, other weeks we put in some effort, get the family together and just stop for a bit.

This week Alex had the whole family around, so took the opportunity to try out some of the new items from our 'grown up food' menu which we use for functions, both private dinner parties, as well as more substantial food options at children's parties.

I am sure when it was this good, they didn't mind being guinea pigs!

The menu consisted of;

Roast Beef - marinated for 24 hours in red wine, garlic and herbs
Roast Chicken stuffed with sage & bacon stuffing

Medley of Roast Carrot and baby potatoes
Sweet potato, pine nuts and spinach salad with 
red wine vinegar and honey vinaigrette dressing

Steamed Snow Peas and Baby Peas
Cauliflour Cheese

Crusty Bread Rolls

Chocolate Brownie fresh cream
Berry Pavlova

Enjoy - it's making me hungry just looking at it!

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