Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting gumboots right

They are not the classic style item, but we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of the gumboot over the last few years. You might even say we have witnessed the birth of the fashion gumboot. This is, of course, largely thanks to the terribly chic, supermodel/rockstar type crowd at Glastonbury and such.

But why would I be writing about gumboots now? I am not a rockstar, nor am I terribly chic. But the thing is that ever since I have arrived in Copenhagen I have been struck by the comfort and practicality of the old (or rather new, and dare I hope for it, cool) wellies. And like last weeks bikes, they are an item to be enjoyed by adults and children alike- although perhaps in slight differing colour schemes...

Admittedly they won't get us big people far in summer- not being particularly breathable. But, like when I was tiny, they still make great slip on to run around in the backyard shoes for kids at any time of the year. Unlike their no laces companions, thongs, they are unlikely to cause little feet blisters and they stay on rather more easily. Gumboots are good for all weather conditions, are tough as nails and come in a range of fantastically fun colours and patterns (like these little pink delicacies from Hunter).

But here in Copenhagen I have witnessed a whole new world of wellington possibilities. Gumboots are the stylish, practical alternative to the ugg boot. Chose the correct boots and you could say goodbye to your dilemmas about which shoes to wear down to the shops over your leggings, what to wear with jeans to collect the kids from school and even how to casually pull off the dress and tights look!

The key is in the boot selection. The ladies here get it right because they choose long boots in classical colours that will go with everything ie black, navy or dark green. I would strongly recommend Hunter- the British boot maker. But if you can't get your mits on a pair of those, then any good thick, stiff rubber will do. To achieve a sleek look, keep away from machine moulding patterns on the outside.

Remember, gumboots are not for all occasions, but with a bit of savvy you can get them right for yourself and the kids.

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