Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back to school special!

It's the last day of school holidays here. Tomorrow it's back to lunch boxes, uniforms, drop off's and pick ups. For me, it's bitter sweet.... sweet that my daughter is back at school, she is starting to get bored (and therefore whiny), but bitter as well, because we only have one more term of Prep then she is off to Grade One next year... can't believe how fast she is growing!

Anyway -  to celebrate the return to school, I thought I would share this super cute school themed baby shower. It was put together by Whitney at Whitney Smith Photography for her friend, who is a primary school teacher.

It is filled with all sorts of cute details; blackboards, cookies and milk, lunch bags, apples for the teacher, school books and my favourite - the gorgeous personalised baby shower book. All the guests left notes for the baby in here, along with a list of gifts and other mementos.

Another adorable feature was prepared by the mum-to-be's class. They all wrote down pieces of advice on parenting for her - maybe not overly helpful, but certainly amusing!


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