Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh so (Shabby) Chic.... first birthday party

In our home we have a fairly modern style. Lots of clean lines, dark wood, polished boards, touches of mocha and greens, lots of 'kid friendly' furniture (read Ikea) - and about as far away from shabby chic as you can imagine! 

But something comes over me when I see the shabby chic/vintage theme done well. It makes me wish, just for a moment or two, for the kind of home that would hold these beautiful things and do them justice.

While I will never have that home (it really isn't me - no matter how much I like it on other people!), I can instead drool over these fantastically beautiful images from this first birthday party, styled by Courtney at Pizzazzerie

Courtney worked for months with the mum of the birthday girl to pull all the details together for this event (check out her link above for a list of all the suppliers involved, as well as more details on the party), using the clients inspiration to guide her styling. They decided on a theme of aqua and coral (this seems to be a hot trend at the moment), with splashes of bright yellow. She has done a wonderful job, so many details, it really is divine.

Hope you enjoy the photo's...I am off to dream of my vintage house....



  1. WOw this looks amazing, how cute is the bday girl :)

    Thanks so much for sharing xx


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