Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lemon,Sage and White Baby Shower - Post 2 Food

Continuing on from Sundays blog on the Lemon, Sage Green and White baby shower, the below post takes a closer look at the delicious edible items The Inspired Occasion provided. 
With a sweet street menu of:
  • Cakes Pops
  • Mint Macarons
  • Vanilla Cup Cakes
  • Vanilla Bean Pana Cotta
  • Assorted Jars of Candy
  • Melting Moments as take home favours

    The celebration cake was a rich moist Red Velvet with layers of cream cheese frosting in the centre, decorated in our most popular rosette style buttercream.

    All the guest took home a personalised and decorated melting moment.

    With a candy selection of that included green and yellow jelly beans, white chocolate dipped raspberries, yellow bonbons, hard lemon rock candy, green smarties and white chocolate. There was a selection for every type of sweet tooth.

    We hope you have enjoyed our Baby Shower and we look forward to bring you some exciting new party features over the coming weeks, including Lego, Disney Princess, Alice in wonderland inspired kitchen Tea, Giggle and Hoot, and a public event with Time Out Melbourne.

    The Inspired Occasion

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