Monday, January 9, 2012

Top Shop Launch by Sheridan

Kicking The Inspired Occasion into the new year is Sheridan Wright, freelance writer, PR dynamo, event manager and professional event attendee. A serial offender on the events circuit , Sheridan will be bring to us regular blogs on what is happening in the world of events. Whether it be the launch of a new brand, the revamp of a bar or the opening of an envelope, she will be there gathering tips on what's hot and more importantly, what's not.  

Top Shop Launch - Melbourne

Top Shop have always been the ' cool kid' of mainstream fashion, floating the line between affordability and 'must have designer wear' with ease.With that in mind it probably doesn't surprise anyone that their  launch into Melbourne (and indeed Australia) was every bit a representative of that same trend.

For starters the invite was mightily hard to come by and no amount of ' D Grade' celebrity would pull you through to the front of the line. Instead of the usual bunch of suspects ranging from semi recognisable models, AFL players and soap stars the floor was literally spilling over with bloggers, writers, fashionistas and those whose opinions matter. It seemed it was less about getting a  photo in The Herald Sun and all about seeing what people in the know thought of our English cousin. 

Guests were treated to a tamer variety of Apple Martini's with clouded apple juice served in round bottomed tumblers and apple slices, Moscow Mules ( which seems to be the mixed drink of the season) and endless amounts of Moet and Chandon. The canapes were not designed to be filling (think single scallops and mini latticed potato based savoury treats) , but were designed to be small enough to put in your mouth in one go without spilling half of it down your front. 

Cup cake stands were scattered throughout the store and it took a while for people to realise that these very decorative touches were designed to be munched on.... It wasn't confirmed but the varieties looked very similar to those from a certain cupcake bakery ( otherwise known as ' The Cupcake Bakery'). 

The most interesting part of the evening was in fact in human form - every single waiter in the place had a certain look , a step below outright model and a step above from hipster teen. When I questioned the PR organiser about this very fact I was greeting with a knowing smile and nothing more. I guess when you're in the business of fashion, everything should be decorative.

till the next invitation .. Sheridan

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