Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Food allergies

Here at the Inspired Occasion we like to think that we can overcome any challenge thrown in our direction!
One challenge that we are eager to share with you all this week is allergies; and more specifically the fun and exciting ways that we overcome the restrictions that food allergies hold. Whilst a little off the Christmas topic we feel that now is an important time (what with Christmas feasts coming up) to touch on the subject, especially after a week of allergy recipe baking from Alex!

Over the last few weeks Alex has been busy in the kitchen creating some delicious festive treats for clients. Food allergies are something that Alex has become something of a pro at working around and she was delighted to see so many Christmas orders being placed that included items which are designed for allergy sufferers. The Inspired Occasion are proud to offer a full range of edibles which can be moulded to individual needs, which includes delicious variable recipes to suit a whole range of allergies. Alex was thrilled to be able to put her new Christmas recipes to the test!
One brilliant approach which we’ve found that easily facilitates food allergies within our events are our individual lunch boxes. Perfect for younger children, each lunch box can be carefully created around specific dietary requirements (as well as party themes) without the child even knowing the lunch box is any different from other party guests. Take a look below at some of our favourite designs so far.

Did you know that Coles offer a range of special dietry recipes on their website?
We are so pleased to see that one of Australia's major supermarkets are helping out families with new and exciting recipes for a whole range of allergies. Keep up the good work we say!

Make sure you take a look for some delicious ideas!


That's all for tonight, make sure you check out our last post for the year on Thursday!

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