Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Party in a box - everything you need for your next occasion

Here at the Inspired Occasion we like to make things as easy as possible for our clients. With Christmas on the horizon and the last few manic pre-santa days rapidly approaching we appreciate now more than ever that your time is precious!

Does organising an event leave you questioning why there are only 24 precious hours in one day? If so then we have created the perfect solution for you!

The Inspired Occasion's 'Party in a box' solution is ideal for anyone who is time limited but perfection focused. These DIY boxes are perfect for any event as our creative team are able to arrange all edibles, table wear, printables and decorations created to your specific requirements.

Easy? Absolutely!

Take a look at the images below to see some examples of our different themed 'Party in a box'.

These gorgeous photos show a custom designed purple, white and silver 'Christmas party in a box' that we created for a client recently. Perfect!, And we think our lovely client thought so too!

'The Christmas party was great and the work you guys did was very impressive - I even had the next door neighbour in to have a look !!'

Take a look the delicious individual portions of Christmas pudding!
The festive season is a perfect excuse to indulge in sweet treats.

These chic silver and purple baubles placed in the glass vases definitely add a touch of glamour to the party, plus they're a quick alternative to putting up a christmas tree!

Do you have little monkey's living in your house?
If so this jungle theme would be perfect for you!

 Check out the different animal print lanterns floating from the ceiling.

Pink, pink and more pink! What more could a fairy ask for on her birthday?
(Well maybe some sugar cookies and cupcakes, but don't worry we supplied those too!) 

Finally to wrap up this evenings post, here's a photo taken from a very special 30th Birthday that took place recently. Here are a selection of edibles we created for the event, macaroons, cake pops, cupcakes and just look at that cake!

Make sure you check out Sunday's post welcoming a new member to The Inspired Occasion's creative team!

Enjoy your Friday and the weekend

The Inspired Occasion

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  1. Such a practical option for parties year-round! Happy holidays!


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