Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More details.....everything but a nice cup of tea!

We shared some of the photos from this fabulous English themed 1st birthday party last night over on the wonderful Les Enfants blog - you can check it out here.

However - as always, we took way too many photos (and the client also supplied us with some gorgeous ones) so we thought we would do a follow up post with some of the other details.

A big thank you to Marguerite from Babycino's Cafe in South Yarra, where this party was held. It's such a fun venue, with lots for the little kids to do and a great outdoor/under cover area, perfect for all weather conditions - which is so important in Melbourne!

Also, a thanks to Sharnel Dollar for the lovely Sambellina tote boxes, which we decorated for take home favours. They were filled with treats like candy and little bottles of bubbles for the kids.

Finally - thanks to Heather for sharing her little boys birthday party with us and letting us be a part of their day.


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