Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to be a ProBlogger

Ok, so the title might be a lot little misleading, but I did attend the ProBlogger Conference in Melbourne last week and learnt some things... And as promised last week, I thought I would give you all an update.

I really don't think any of my tips will turn anyone into a problogger, but I did have a great time and thought I would share some of my take aways from the day with you all.
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1. Dinky was the word of the day. As in 'don't be dinky', 'don't let your blog be dinky' and 'don't present yourself as dinky'... I am still not 100% sure what defines dinky, but I am sure that we don't want to be it! I am now on a mission to not be dinky. Wish us luck!

2. Headlines are important. Not sure they meant for us to lie to draw people in (see todays example!), but to grab attention, a good headline is crucial.

3. Bloggers are an awesome bunch of people. But you already knew that, right?

4. 300 people in a room, with iPhones/laptops/iPads WILL crash a standard wifi network (and trend on Twitter!). Makes for cranky bloggers.

5. Be passionate; about your topic, about your fans, about your business. Share this passion with your readers. Encourage them to engage with it and become a part of your community.

6. Don't assume that the people who read your blog are anything like you. What?! We always assumed you were all party crazy chicks who obsess over the perfect colour of jelly beans... Well, if you're not - that's ok too - we can't wait to find out more about who you are!

7. Lists are good. See today's post for example.

8. Include photos, photos and more photos.... any of you who read our blog frequently will know that this is not something we have a problem with!

9. Everyone blogs differently. There were some fabulously organised people, who told us all about lists, book mark bars and time saving tips (thanks Nicole), while others shared an insight into their unplanned blogging world (thanks Mrs Woog). No judgements here - we tend to do a bit of both, but it was great to hear everyone's tips and ideas on how to make it easier and ultimately more fabulous!

10. I get kinda tongue tied when meeting other fabulous bloggers... sorry for not being overly talkative Maddy from Lil' Magoolie - I am a huge fan and was kinda in awe of the fact you sat with us at lunch!

Finally a big bloggy shout out to Jody from Muddled Up Mumma, Kate from Our Little Sins, Jody from Lemon Rhodes, Natalie from Easy Peasy Kids, Jolie from Hey Bambini and Natalie from Tiny and Little for sharing my first ProBlogging adventure!

Normal party blogging will resume tomorrow night with a truly beautiful party that we put together for a Little Prince! Wait until you see the beautiful cookies that Alex made... Hope to see you then.



  1. So great to catch up with you and learn a few more tips. I am working on removing the dinkyness from my blog as we speak.

  2. Great to catch up and loving your list! Though I'm with you and not really sure what "dinky" is. I've come away inspired too and can't wait to make some changes on le blog in the coming weeks.

  3. Thanks ladies - it was a great day! Can't wait to see what you both come up with to avoid the trap of 'dinky'! ;)

  4. It was lovely meeting you too... I'm going to take a break from blogging for a bit - too much info has me running for the hills!

  5. No Kate?! Seriously? I was just getting to love your blog :( Please say you will be back soon... if not at least lock us in for a coffee soon...


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