Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Little Red Train inspired picnic

We were very excited when we were recently asked to put together a picnic inspired by the book series 'The Little Red Train' for a special little boy.

The venue was perfect for a bunch of 7 year old boys; a miniature railway, that the children could ride, with the bonus of a play ground. With the uncertainty of Melbourne's weather, we provided a marquee (which we now have available for rent) - but it turned out to be a perfect day with crisp sunshine and blue skies.

The marquee was decorated with bunting designed to match the Little Red Train theme, along with some fabulous fan garlands. They fit the theme really well and were a great way to make the party festive without adding a lot of 'bulk' to the space.

With 30 children and an outdoor venue, a picnic was suggested to keep things simple. We provided each child with their own lunch box, which contained a delicious pizza slice, a fruit cup, sprinkle bread and some crisps - all favourites of the birthday boy.

The tables were set with large centrepieces, with big oversized red balloons and little red trains.

Alex also made this gorgeous Little Red Train cake, which was a delicious chocolate mud cake. The birthday boy was so excited when he saw it - which is what we do this for!

This was a wonderful, classic and no fuss way to have an outdoor party and we can't wait to do another one soon!


  1. what fun. A great setup. well done

  2. Hi, looks brilliant! where did you get the white boxes to put the lunch in?


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