Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aloha - Let's hula...

If you are catching up - you can find the first two posts on our fun filled Luau party here and here.

Tonight, we wanted to share the set up and theming with you from the party. As it was a large space to fill, we knew we had to make it feel intimate so as the guests didn't feel 'lost' in the area.

We used a combination of large round tables, lanterns strung over head and a large entertainment area to 'fill it up'. We were pretty happy with the results, creating a real sense intimacy and it still allowed plenty of room for the kids to run around and play games.

The tables were set with brightly coloured plates and napkins, a fabulously floral headband (that the children all got to take home) and a plastic cocktail glass (pink, of course) complete with a cocktail umbrella. 

The tennis court was strung with over 30 large coloured lanterns in pink, yellow and green. Our team did a brilliant job is spacing them across the tennis court and they really did have a complete 'WOW' factor as guests walked into the space.

The gift bags contained a small flip flop note pad, one of the super cute flower cookies and a selection of sweet treats. The guests also got to take their head bands and bracelets home.

The gift table

We also had the challenge of theming the entry way and side of the property - now that's the kind of challenge that we love!!

It's a bit hard to read in the photos, but the signs all say either 'Luau', 'This way to the Beach' or have the flower design on them. 

Yep - more giant palm trees! We also added a bunting that read "Happy Birthday" to welcome people to the party.

More and more lanterns - all up we used nearly 60 scattered throughout the venue.

Look closely to see the brolga statue wearing one of our hawaiian hats!

The first activity that the kids participated in on arrival, was to create a beautiful bracelet, complete with hawaiian themed charms. We used the fabulous Gloria from Coco & Chloe for this activity and we would not only recommend her services - but also her gorgeous online store!

We then had the delightful Kylie from Jitterbugs Dance Parties come and teach the girls a hula, play limbo, bash a pinata and play coconut bowling. 

And finally - Alex and I just before the guests arrived. 

Tomorrow night we will do one final post from our Luau, with a round up of all our favourite photo's, along with a vendor and thank you list. Hope to see you back then!


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