Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ahola - it's party time!

We recently shared some invites we created for a Hawaiian Luau party, and after a busy couple of weeks (broken up by the Easter break), the big day was yesterday! The party was for a lovely little girl who was celebrating her 12th birthday. The client had a clear vision of what she wanted - with a pinata, the limbo, bright colours and a big cake top of the list - and we were happy to work with her to make it all happen.

This venue was the client's tennis court and despite our initial worries about the weather (it is Melbourne after all!), it turned out to be a perfect day, with blue skies and bright sunshine - a perfect day to hang out at a Luau!

As always - I probably took too many photo's, so will share it over a couple of posts - so make sure to check back tomorrow to see the rest of the photos.

First up, the dessert station....

The table was flanked by two 6ft inflatable palm trees and decorated with it's very own grass skirt!

The backdrop was made up of pink fabric, a yellow fishing net, happy birthday bunting and a heap of fabric hibiscus flowers.

This cake was just divine... the colours, the sugar flowers.... 

The tropical cupcakes were a hit with all the kids

Tropical parfaits in cocktail glasses - a hit with all 12 year olds!

Decorated sugar cookies were a fun treat

Colour coordinated smarties (in pink and green) were from Candy Soirees. We also had bananas, lolly pineapples, bright pink jelly beans and little sherbet rolls.

Cookie pops...mmmmm

The view from the palm tree... note the cute little Toucan hanging out in the branches!

There are still so many photos to share.... the savoury station, beverage station, guests tables - oh and the 60 plus lanterns!

Aloha! Can't wait to see you back again tomorrow!


  1. So colourful, gorgeous work girls :-)

  2. Thanks lovely! Hope you love the rest as well!!


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