Monday, October 29, 2012

Contributor to the 'Carnival of Fun- Hanging Pretty

Whilst the "Carnival of Fun" is over, The Inspired Occasion and Little Big Company still have a lot of contributors to showcase, with over 45 business contributing to the "Carnival of Fun" at the Ronald McDonald House Parkville. 

Hanging Pretty Modern Paper & Fabric Hanging Décor

We Specialise In Hand Crafted Mobiles, Garlands, Pretty Strands To Hang Solo Or From Your Tissue Pom Poms &; Personalised Paper Cake Bunting. To Pretty Your Next Event or Any Room.

Every piece is hand-crafted in the smoke-free Brisbane studio, with the focus being attention to creative expression, detail & the convenience of the on-line ordering experience.

You will find handmade paper & fabric hanging décor to pretty up any area of your home or event, better still use it at your next event and then see how it can pretty up any room of your house, even after the guests leave.

We believe imagination is the only limitation and we are very happy to offer you as much or as little creative help in producing your personal Hanging Pretty. We will work with your budget and time-frame so that you can spend your time doing the things that you love.

‘Hanging Pretty’ first began in 2010 when Michelle Parker started searching for a unique though silent hanging mobile, for her new arrivals room.

Being unable to find what she had envisioned, for a reasonable price, she created one herself, based on a few different ideas that she had liked, though the end product was very much a bespoke creation of her own, being a combination of fabric, ribbon and beads hanging from a dream catcher...better still, it didn't make a noise & her daughter, still to this day, loves watching it gently move during changing times.

Michelle's creative background comes from spending her childhood surrounded by pretty things, in a home that encouraged her to create & dream, be it baking (then selling her creative delights back to her little brother & his friends), making clothes from tissues/paper for her dolls or watching her mum sew, she was never far from a "creative mess".

After working in a variety of roles including Functions/Weddings Supervisor, Business Developer & Manager for Allied Health Clinics & running her own Nail Salon for over 2 years Michelle found that she wanted to combine her creativity and spend more time at home with her two children.

In January 2012, after encouragement from her Mum, she created a few mobiles and within a few weeks friends and family were wanting to buy them as gifts and for parties.

As Hanging Pretty's décor range expands & the creative process evolves Michelle continues to focus on creating high quality home-made products at a reasonable price that is as unique as the person it is created for.

We would love to hear from you....  xo Michelle

The Inspired Occasion

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