Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We heart cake stands

Ok, We admit it... We have might have a thing for cake stands... with a collection that is outgrowing our storage space they are in danger of overtaking our vases, platter and jar collection (and that's saying something!). Thank goodness they stack one on top of the other!

Glass, domed, crystal, tin, tiered and porcelain...the count is well over 10 15 now with all different sizes and styles! We actually did have a party recently where we used almost all of them - which was great fun... and also justified my collection! You can check it out here.

Our favourite at the moment are the gorgeous milk glass stands that we picked up from the lovely Leanne at Sweet Style. We have used them on so many tables recently and are now considering getting them in other heights as well...

{Cake by The Inspired Occasion, cake stand from Sweet Style}
Or maybe other colours...

{Bon Bon style from Sweet Style}
{from Sharnel Dollar Designs}

Or a bit of glam....

{from Little Big Company}

{from Sharnel Dollar Design}
These lovely stands from Pottery Barn put a twist on the standard cake stand, with a thick rounded base, there is something nice and solid about it...

{from Pottery Barn}
Finally, this one has been on the wish list for quite some time... fingers crossed it's still in stock!
{from Tracey Lau Art & Soul}
{from Tracey Lau Art & Soul}
Loving the way the ribbon winds it's way through the stand, allowing you to decorate it again and again to work with the theme of the day. Just gorgeous!

So, we have shared our  obsession... what's yours?

The Inspired Occasion


  1. I'm so the same!!! I have a growing personal collection (wish I had a party planning biz as my excuse)! They are just so pretty even sitting ontop of my cupboards!!


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