Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Roar, he's Four!!

We love it when clients come to us wanting to do something a bit different. This client wanted to celebrate her son's love of all things dinosaur, but really didn't want to go the standard green and brown colour scheme. So, we suggested a blue and orange palate, using a ferocious looking dinosaur and it grew from there!

You might have already seen a peek of these photos over at Amy Atlas, where it was featured last week. You can catch it here if you missed it.

Of course, one of our parties wouldn't be complete without a dessert station. Lots of candy, those SUPER cute dino cupcakes and an enormous ferocious-looking dinosaur cake. We also included jelly cups, cookies, popcorn and mini donuts.

Even though it was a fourth birthday, it was the first 'party' they had thrown for their little boy, so wanted it to be a super special occasion, with lots of entertainment. With that brief, we arranged a HUGE jumping castle (or bounce house for those playing along in the US) that was over 7m x 7m and featured a giant dinosaur head! 

There was also an entertainer who took the kids on a fossil hunt, face painted and created balloon dino creations. A reptile show completed the afternoon, with all the kids getting as close as they could to a 'real dinosaur' by holding crocodiles, snakes and frogs!

Being Melbourne, we had torrential rain in the lead up to the party and ended up having to erect a marquee to cover the clients back yard two days before the party. We filled it with lanterns from Moonlight & Whimsy, inflatable dinosaurs and lots of dino's from the clients own collection, along with two kids party tables, filled with a delicious lunch.

At the end of the day, each child took home a treat bag filled with candy, a bag of fossils and their explorer hats - as well as huge smiles. We couldn't ask for more!

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