Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inspired Suppliers - Giggleberry Creations

Earlier this week we shared a little more insight into our new online store, which will be launching next Monday!! As we put the finishing touches on it, we thought we would start introducing you to some of our fabulous Inspired Suppliers.

We are very proud of the suppliers we have carefully chosen to be a part of our Inspired Parties range. Each of them is a small Australian business, many of them mums. They, like us, pride themselves on quality and we are very excited to offer their products to complement the rest of the range.

First up, we would like to introduce Giggleberry Creations. Many of you will already be familiar with Amy's wonderful work. Not only is it fun and a perfect match for any party, it is so well made. In fact when we needed bunting created for our own market set up - who did we call? Amy, of course!

Who? Tell us a bit about yourself...

My name is Amy. I am a wife to one gorgeous man a step-mum to 10yo Felicity and mum to 3yo Milla & Harrison who is 2. I am also the driving force behind the fabric bunting banners of Giggleberry Creations. I love 'getting in and getting things done' and taking on a good challenge. I prefer winter to summer. I believe happiness is a choice. I collect hippos. My favourite colour is purple, I could eat prawns by the bucket load and any excuse to go shoe shopping is a good excuse ;)

What inspired you to start your own business?

When I was pregnant with Milla I was looking for ways to decorate her bedroom that were unique & fun. I took some off cuts to a quilt my mum had made for her and after a play with the random bits of fabric and my sewing machine the first Giggleberry Creations bunting banner was created! 
I made a few more for nieces and nephews which then had family and friends asking me for bunting to match their kid's decor and parties. From there Giggleberry Creations was born and grew into the WAHM business I absolutely adore today 3 and a bit years on! 

Beer, wine, bubbles or soft drink?

Hmmmm bubbles or wine - how to decide? depends on the weather. Bubbles are perfect with a plate of prawns in summer but a glass of good shiraz is just too fabulous on a winters night.

How do you stay innovative and ahead of the pack?

I think there are allot of different factors to staying innovative. Believing strongly in your product and brand is on the top of the list. Keeping an eye on where and how my products are used is a great help in deciding on new items and styles. Also my customer feedback is invaluable - listening to what customers do or don't like can make or break of a product or business.

What is your greatest indulgence?

Chocolate. In any form I'll take chocolate but if it's a warm gooie centered chocolate dessert I'm in heaven!

What difference has being in business for yourself made in your life?

Giggleberry Creations - the "micro-business" was never planned as such. I have been super blessed to have the well known successful business it is today and it is because of this I am able to be the stay at home mum I have always wanted to be since playing with dolls as a little girl - I sew, network, promote, blog etc etc when it fits around my family and can still be the mum I so adore being. That is a true gift I am grateful for with every bunting sale!!

Thanks for being a part of our Inspired Suppliers series Amy - can't wait to see your wonderful bunting in the store next week!



  1. Yay! Thrilled to be making bunting for your gorgeous biz! Can't wait to see the shop on 'opening day' :)

  2. Thanks Amy! We are so pleased to have you as part of our shop! Can't wait till we launch next week ;)


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