Monday, June 6, 2011

Butterfly baby shower

We love doing baby showers. There is something just so special about welcoming a new baby into a family with a party! We loved working with this client, who kindly arranged the baby shower for her sister (all while being pregnant herself!).

There was lots of candy of course! This table featured; milk bottles, chocolate drops, white chocolate drops, pink jelly beans, blue smarties (from Candy Soirees) and musk sticks.

After being such a hit at the Sunny Mummy dinner, it was great to serve our delicious individual pana cotta and apple crumbles again, along with cake pops and a range of cupcakes.

The theme for this event was based around a set of plates the client received as a wedding gift. It was the perfect colour scheme for a unisex baby shower, with both pinks, blues and browns, which we were able to incorporate through out the set up.

The butterfly motif that is so popular at the moment, also worked really well - as a symbolism of new life, what could be more perfect!

This client also requested our drinks station, complete with stripy straws and mineral waters. We did this earlier in the year for another baby shower and they looked so cute - she just had to have them!

The best part of the day? When the guest of honour came in and shed a tear of surprise and joy at how gorgeous it all looked!

Not that we want all our clients to cry, but it was lovely to see how happy she was - that's what it's all about!


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