Saturday, December 11, 2010

(Red and) Blue Christmas...

Every year, a group of school friends get's together, with their families and celebrates Christmas with a big lunch, good wine and lots of laughs. This year, they decided to make it easier on themselves and ask us to do the theming and deserts for them...

We were so excited and our client was an absolute delight. Her only request.. lots of chocolate! We were more than happy to help out. Knowing that the lunch was taking place at a beach house, we wanted something fun, something modern and something that would transport well and pack up easily.

Alex created a fabulous menu that included....

- Rich fruit puddings, soaked in Cointreau and served with cream and custard
- Pavlova with mixed berries and chocolate shavings
- Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing and jaffa 'berries'
- Christmas shortbreads
- White chocolate dipped strawberries
- Assorted home-made truffles in white, milk and dark chocolate
- Christmas mince tarts
- White chocolate dipped vanilla wafers, rolled in crushed candy canes

Along with a mix of colour coded candy (thanks Candy Soirees), the host couldn't have asked for any more chocolate!

As you can imagine, we took a heap of photo's, so tonight I will share the desert station with you all - as I know you love them - and will share the rest of the set up, which included 2 children's tables and a separate adults table, with you all tomorrow night... enjoy the photo's!

One final photo... we love that the family dog got in on the blue theme!

Tomorrow night we will bring you the adult and children's tables.....



  1. OMG how gorgeous is this girls are amazing and the food looks delicious , well it all xx

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely feedback! So kind!

  3. Gorgeous!! I love the idea of crushed candy canes on the white choc dipped sticks!


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