Wednesday, May 16, 2012

8 Week Challenge - 1 Million Acts of Kindness

8 Week Challenge - 1 Million Acts of Kindness

The Inspired Occasion has joined a nationwide social movement encouraging Australians to perform and record 1 Million Acts of Kindness during an 8 Week Challenge.

The challenge kicked off on Monday 14 May 2012. Each week The Inspired Occasion is committed to carrying out two acts of kindness, by either getting involved in a community event, donating our time, or even just baking a cake or cupcakes for a person or organisation in need. All of these things will count towards the target of 1 Million Acts of Kindness nationally.

Most importantly, we will have some fun, drive some real change for the common good, and be happier as a result!

Follow our journey over the coming 8 weeks as our goal is to complete 16 Acts of Kindness between May to July.

The Inspired Occasion

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  1. This is wonderful! Would love to know how this national movement turns out...and all the positive change it will make happen!


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