Monday, April 9, 2012

The Inspired Occasion - Easter Special Part 1

The Easter celebration at The Inspired Occasion starts on Good Friday when the entire family gets together for a three course extravaganza which involves a classically set dinner table laden with an array of easter inspired goodies, Entree - Seafood Platter, Main - Salmon Steak and Dessert this year a French inspired Pear and Almond Tart with Butterscotch Glaze.

Our family tradition of grazing all day and sipping on a variety of great Australian wines also includes naps on the couch whilst the young ones play Monopoly, followed by a family game of Pictionary between courses.

This year's Easter dessert station was an Enchanted Picnic inspired theme.   Complete with fluffy bunnies, moss bunnies, picnic baskets, grass runners, hanging bird cages, nesting chics and a variety of edible delights including the following items:
  • Pear and Almond Tart with butterscotch glaze
  • Vanilla Surprise Cupcake with buttercream and chocolate egg toppers
  • Cakepops 
  • Themed Sugar Biscuits
  • Personalised Chocolate Bars
and no Easter table would be complete without lots of chocolate easter eggs.

Preparation started early last week with the children having great fun blowing and dying eggs in assorted colours including etching their names and creating patterns.  We then progressed to colouring fondant for sugar bunny cookies all the while trying to keep the little ones amused whilst we continued to source and create elements for the final masterpiece.

 Our lovely little moss bunnies found at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Expo.

Our Alice in Wonderland Mushrooms / toadstool props perfect for adding that pop of colour and working fantastically with the enchanted theme.

Tomorrow night our menu and photos....

The Inspired Occasion 

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