Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creative party favours

We love the idea of giving a small favour to say thank you to the guests at a children's party. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy or big, but we do like giving guests something that they will actually use or eat - rather than ending up on the floor of the car before they even get home.

And while we always like to include something edible (and usually some lollies from the dessert table - it is a party after all) we must admit to being partial to crafty favours. Here is a round up of some of our current favourites....

Hand wrapped crayons - tutorial here

Gorgeously presented sidewalk paint from here

Super cute 'Moody' crayons (I know, more crayons - we love them, ok!) from here 

Personalised notebook with pencil holder from here.

Scented playdough with cookie cutters from here


The Inspired Occasion

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  1. Thanks for featuring my scented playdough with cookie cutters! They make adorable party favors and I do custom orders, so stop by or send me a message if want something specific <3


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