Friday, April 15, 2011

In the press - Herald Sun newspaper

Yesterday we were asked to participate in an article the Herald Sun newspaper was putting together on children's birthday parties. They requested we put together a dessert station and be ready to be interviewed and photographed - all within about 4 hours! 

Well - we do work well under pressure...!

The article was published this morning and we are featured on page 5, as well as a small banner on the front page! Very exciting! You can check it out here...

Although, exciting and flattering as it is, we do have to make a clarification regarding the interview. 

There is quite a large focus in the article regarding parents spending large amounts of money on their children's parties. While yes, big budgets for parties are great and certainly allow us to pull together a truly lavish affair; this type of party isn't for everyone. 

We will work with our clients to put together an occasion that reflects not only their budget, but also their tastes, their inspirations and their personalities. Sometimes a home made cake and some hand crafted decorations make the best parties.

In our opinion, it isn't the budget that makes a wonderful party; it's the care and thought put into it. And that doesn't cost a whole lot!

The Inspired Occasion

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